I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto studying Chemical Engineering under the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program. The role Calvary Arrows College(CAC) has played in my achievements so far can not be overstated. The preparation for my journey to Canada started as a CAC student.

First, the quality of education delivered was outstanding. Our teachers were very competent and dedicated, ensuring that they imparted knowledge at all cost even at the expense of their own comfort. This included organizing extra classes and laboratory sessions during weekends when they should be with their own family, just to ensure that we covered our curriculum and we were set for excellence at any level. Their commitment was extraordinary. As a CAC student examination malpractice was never an option and teachers do not offer any form of help during exams both internal and external. They encouraged hard work and instilled an attitude that always wanted to do better and settle for nothing other than the best. Their expectations from assignments , tests or exams sometimes seemed too much but they really just wanted to bring the best out of us and make sure we could compete anywhere. This contributed largely to my academic performance during external examinations because I had gone through an intensive preparation.

Beyond the classroom, our teachers played the role of fathers and mothers. They paid attention to our daily lives just like our parents would. CAC was home away from home. Our matrons in the hostel would go to all rooms to ensure everyone slept with a mosquito net, this level of care is not available everywhere. They made sure we received necessary home training which includes personal hygiene, doing basic house chores and even cooking. We had inspectors in the hostel on Saturdays to inspect the tidiness of the hostel and our person spaces. Every student had a morning function, female students usually helped the kitchen staff twice a week and we served our meals in the dinning hall. CAC does not only drill you academically, I received an all-round training to become an independent and responsible adult.

CAC also contributes greatly to the spiritual life of students. My personal faith journey started as a student of CAC. Although born into a Christian home, I did not know what it meant to own my faith instead I lived to please my parents (a.k.a. eye-service). Through series of daily spiritual exposures, I understood what it meant to really follow Jesus. The message of the cross which is the foundation of Christian faith was unravelled and it marked the beginning of my outright walk with God. After my 6 years in CAC, it was very obvious to my parents that there was a very huge impact on my spiritual life and that for them was a source of joy. Spiritual disciplines necessary for spiritual growth such as personal quiet time at 5 a.m., discipleship, bible study, fasting and prayer every Wednesday among others were firmly established which helped and still helps my faith journey. The concepts of the bible were thoroughly explained and it was easier to follow them because I could see practical examples in the life of our teachers. All these formed the foundation of my faith and that is what I have been building on till today. My spiritual foundation has helped me to take my stand in an environment that does not necessarily encourage spiritual growth.

Most importantly, the concept of discipleship which was introduced has been of great benefit to me. Discipleship does not only last for as long as you are a student of CAC, it continues beyond the walls of CAC and cuts across all aspects of life. Discipleship played a major role in my journey to the University of Toronto. The motivation to embark on the scholarship application process was imparted by my discipler with constant support, inputs, and amendments; ensuring that I presented the best for the selection process. This has continued in my journey through university. The constant spiritual, academic and all-around support from my discipler has contributed hugely to my progress so far, all of which is a product of passing through CAC.

The community created in CAC was just like a family. As students we did not just sit in class together to learn, we became prayer partners. We would organize group fasting and prayer sessions beyond the general school sessions. We prayed for our families, our academics, our school, other students, and anything that called for prayers. This community continues even after graduation. The support from fellow CACAF (Calvary Arrows College Alumni Family) members still plays a role in my journey and achievements. It is a very rare privilege.

Each and every experience I had as a student of CAC prepared me and properly positioned me for the life after secondary school. I am grateful for the opportunity and CAC will forever be a huge part of my story.

Gladys Olubowale(CACAF SET 6)